New Phone OS Launches

# Ubuntu Phone OS

I both read and viewed a few articles on this new OS this morning it looks very good, however when seeing the real deal on a phone it looked laggy and well… Average.

A big part of a phone to me is the underlying ecosystem and available apps etc.

I personally rate Apple IOS and Windows Phone, these are both well thought out and we’ll controlled, Unlike Android which has had it’s market flooded with malware and questionable apps.

Build quality is also always a big one when I spend upwards of $500 on a handset.

Nokia have come to the table with the lumina series which even though are a bit bulky seem to be quite popular.

My weapon if choice at the moment is the iPhone 5, but unless Apple starts to innovate the home screen and icons this could be my last iPhone. A natural move for me would be to Windows Phone, I like the live tiles and how everything integrates tightly.

The new Ubuntu OS could be quite good but it will be hard to capture the huge market that is mobile at the moment.

This OS promises to be able to dock with other hardware and create either a desktop, laptop, tablet environment from your phone, something no one else has done YET.

The future looks good for gadgets.