Today I thought I would start a blog, just to record events. Perhaps even share some comedy from my life.

My name is Chris and I work as an Infrastructure Manager and Systems Engineer/Integrator at a private school in Adelaide, South Australia.

Bumming around on holiday until the 7th of Jan, not long ago I put a relatively new Epson printer in for warranty work as it would not take it’s own genuine cartridge, the second one I have ever installed.

> Printer cartridge not recognised


Tried 2x genuine cartridges just to make sure I wasn’t being stupid… Fail, same error. Awesome printer that can’t see it’s own cartridges… Magenta only…. Piece of crap.

Sent it to the local mob here in Adelaide, booked it in and forgot about it.

Got a call today, “come and pick it up” so I did.

Arrived to pick up my repaired printer and instead was given a new one, a different model too. Got it home, works as did the first one out of the box. Looked at my old cartridges and guess what, they are different. Crap!

Rang Epson, they said they would replace the cartridges as this was their fault for the model swap out.

Now I have to send this crap somewhere else and they’ll send me new ones for the new model.

Can anyone see where this is going?

How stupid are Epson when it comes to warranty? I bought a printer through Apple mind you, had to spend countless hours driving this stupid thing around, just to get a new printer and then can’t reuse my cartridges.

Now I should know better that my hourly rate at about $180AUD I should’ve just bought a new printer but this printer was brand new. It has a scanner, wireless and AirPrint support and its relatively cheap for an inkjet to run.

Firstly, Epson suck! This has not been a pleasurable experience.
Secondly, I’m not getting the 2 hours I’ve wasted back.
Thirdly, I have to send these stupid cartridges back.